"Music can change the world " -Beethoven

hey there ,this is me again ..blogging again although I receive a very few interactions or likes ..but it doesn’t really matter cuz I think what matters the most is that I let go of whatever crosses my mind ! And this is something I couldn’t do earlier so yeah I’ve come a long way apparently . That’s enough so let’s get started !!

so we’re talking about songs & music and for the mean time this is my best sonc lyric “We ain’t picture perfect but we worth the picture still ” I believe music can tell u who a person is according to their music tastes . in order to get to know each others u can tell me ur music tastes below in the comments ! also if u have any song suggestions write them down :’D

also ,what is ur favorite song and why?


share your thoughts..!

hey everyone

share ur thoughts and tell me what u think of “wishes” ? what made me consider wishes was a short story i’ve read and there is a part I really liked , it said :

“Wishes calm us for a while and pour comfort on the hearts deprived of joy, and for this it is a trick of survival . Even if our wishes were impossible to come true ,still they are a way to escape the unbearable reality .”

and ofc it was written in a batter way before I translated it into English

So my question to u is : Do u hold on to ur wishes or u just easily give up on them? and do u think our dreams can help us overcome bad days?

share ur thoughts I really would like to know what u think of wishes & dreams


chaotic..I think

idk why but lately I’ve been shutting almost everyone out ,it feels like I want to be on my own &I think i’m better off tgat way

then I realize i’ve become lonely ..I spend most of the time alone and it really sucks

what really pisses me off is tgat I don’t know why i’m doing this !

this is the first time for me to post on a blog and I will probably regret opening up in here and then over think it then I’ll finally delete this post